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The neighboring companies have taken leading positions in the green shift from each side. The circular industry Oceanize is now part of the industrial group MOEN-Gruppen's ambition to make the green shift blue.


Together, the companies become stronger and can roll out industrial, sustainable solutions faster.


- We do this to strengthen the investment power that is necessary to create profitability in the green shift, says CEO Are Brekk in MOEN.


Since 1923, the MOEN Group has been known as a boat building and maintenance yard for the fishing, aquaculture and coastal fleets. In recent years, the yard has developed a clear and distinct environmental profile and leads, among other things, the development of the world's first hydrogen-powered aquaculture vessel and is also a leader in the rental of hybrid low-emission vessels.


Oceanize AS is built on Containerservice Ottersøy (COAS) and Norwegian Plastic Recycling (NOPREC)'s pioneering work for the collection and recycling of various types of industrial waste. Not least, Oceanize has garnered great recognition for its traceable industrial plastic cycle.



Strengthens industrial sustainability



MOEN has been a co-owner of Oceanize since 2020. The collaboration on the development of new, sustainable solutions especially for the marine and maritime sector has worked so well that Oceanize now becomes part of the MOEN group. It is clear that all current owners of Oceanize will continue to be shareholders in MOEN-Gruppen AS.


- This strengthens the sustainability commitment in the group. Both Oceanize and MOEN have in recent years made major investments that have given aquaculture and fisheries in particular completely new opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint. The job that Oceanize has started on is important for all our customers in the future, says Brekk in MOEN.



New chapter for Oceanize founders



For the founders Ole P. Fjær and Tom Richard Hamland, this is the start of a new chapter in their long-term work with the development of the circular industry. They are now ready for the next step, now as co-owners in MOEN.


- We started with the circular industry in the 90s, long before we used today's well-known concepts such as circular economy and sustainable development. We have always had ambitions that have required industrial partners, ambitions that are in line with MOEN's goal of making the green shift blue. Together we will be stronger, and can roll out the industrial sustainability initiatives faster than each of us, says Tom Richard Hamland.



More owners in MOEN



The industrial group MOEN-Gruppen is currently owned by the investment companies Skipsinvest AS (Harry Bøe and Børge Lorentzen) and Rodo Invest AS (Roald Dolmen), which this autumn acquired the ownership position from Halle Sivertsen's investment company Haspro AS.


When Oceanize AS now becomes part of MOEN, the Oceanize founders Ole P. Fjær (Havgløtt AS) and Tom R. Hamland will join as new shareholders in MOEN-Gruppen AS, together with Investiaq AS, Sandnes Transport og Terminal AS, STT Invest AS and Kystmiljø AS.


29 November 2021
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